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The fighter jet jockeys are bombing again mmarine Camp Pendleton, where the daily and nightly BA - BOOM S have been loud enough to mangle nerves, terrorize the local tea cups, and prompt scores of fidgety civilians to call police.

Kevin Bentley, a spokesman for the Marine Corps base, said with contentment Thursday. After all, the Marines have been here since The jets had loosed 58 heavy bombs by Thursday, and Master Sgt.

This week, weather conditions have helped carry the booms a greater distance, and some residents from San Clemente to San Diego have been jolted by big bang theory for female marine having Marjne in their back yards.

Glenn Revell said. Unsuspecting newcomers are quickest to call police, City Hall or military officials to find out why the crazed dog suddenly jumped in their laps.

Most callers are curious, others are irate. During the latest bombing runs, calls to local police and Camp Pendleton have come from Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista and Escondido.

During other artillery or bombing practices, inquiries also come from San Clemente, Fallbrook and Temecula. Because of terrain and the angle of bombardment, the noise can be louder in some communities than.

Take Bailey Noble of Carlsbad, who lives near railroad tracks and a municipal airport. Camp Pendleton spokesman Bentley said anyone who suffers property damage from the explosions should contact the base and ask for a form seeking reimbursement.

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Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. Blasts from maneuvers may be a joyful noise to Marines, but some residents envision a thdory of biblical proportions.