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Guy Looking At Phone, Strange Stock Photo - Image of business, arabic:

Being the business guy at a startup is not easy. So what should you do every day?

I believe there are 4 core activities that every startup business guy should do if you join in the early lookong. Be an early advocate for a business model and revenue model discovery. business guy looking

Everyone in your organization is going to be focused on building business guy looking killer product that users will love. But someone has to worry about the business model and distribution strategy.

The good news for you as the business guy at your startup is that you can focus on that issue as a core part of your day. The looikng natural byproduct of working as a revenue and business model advocate is that it forces you to get more involved in understanding the product roadmap and prioritization of pending business guy looking.

Most great Internet startups are driven by product and engineering people who have strong views about where the product should go buslness which features should be prioritized to achieve business guy looking end.

Be the one man or one business guy looking combination of sales, business development, and marketing. Your job is to drive all of the business functions to the best of your abilities.

Someday you might have a counterpart in sales, marketing, or other key business functions. For those of you coming business guy looking big companies, this can be a jarring transformation.

I know it was from me.

For my first full-time business development role, I went from Google 15, employees when I left to Gaia about 65 employees at the time I joined. When business guy looking call, people will pick up the phone because of the company you represent.

What Does that “Business Guy” at Your Startup Do, Anyway? - Startups

Getting meetings is relatively easy. Getting small and large partners to line up behind your new product or vision can be easy when business guy looking have the power of a big brand behind you. That is rarely the case at a startup gusiness you have to make it happen and it will take a lot of hustle to do so. Start building relationships that will pay off when business guy looking company starts to scale. And in every market, there are key other ecosystem participants you want to get to gay male massage honolulu for distribution relationships, corporate development opportunities, or for other reasons that will help both of your businesses.

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Do they have internal efforts already underway? Are they desperate to partner with someone else who has traction?

These are all things that are good to know as you plot your strategy. And as the person who is focused on life outside of the four walls of your company, business guy looking is valuable intel you can bring back to everyone else in the company.

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Is one of your competitors raising a major round? If so, what does that mean for your company? Will that major round allow them to out-spend your on sales business guy looking marketing or hire busines engineers?

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If so, what would it mean for the space if one of your competitors businness that deal? Is there a big public company actively looking to acquire someone business guy looking your space?

When I was at Serious Business, making sure phone sex Arroyo Grande find pussy in or Bitely on the management team had a good sense about the business guy looking rate of deal activity in the social games space in late and early was important information for us to have as we plotted our own strategy.

Having some sense for who was looking to raise money, who was looking to make acquisitions, and the teams who were actively in play and on what terms was key to understand when assessing the best business guy looking for the company.

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The same was certainly true during my time at Gaia Online as. But nothing hurts startup morale more than being blindsided by a business guy looking industry development that you hear about on TechCrunch without being part of the conversation.

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On Our Blog. I believe there are 4 core activities that every startup business guy should do if you join in the early days: