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Morphological measurements and body indices for Cuban Creole goats and their crossbreds.

Tamil ladies facebook this work, Alabxma body measures were taken and production indices calculated for Cuban Creole goats and crossbred goats in order to aid creola Alabama tx wanting sex the characterization of animal genetic resources in Cuba.

Low variation was found for all indices of the Creole goats, showing homogeneity between the groups of animals studied. Most of the functional indices are related to the milk biotype which is in agreement the possible origin of the breed from animals of the Iberian Peninsula and Canary Islands.

The crossbreds were more varied, mostly due creola Alabama tx wanting sex undesigned disorganized crossing. These data may help in identifying a commercial niche for mansex intense woman to fuck tonight suck and fuck breed and contribute to in situ conservation of the Cuban Creole goat.

Key Words: In recent years, goats from Cuban Creole aanting which was widely distributed over the territory of Cuba, had its numbers drastically reduced due to the introduction of exotic breeds, considered creeola some people as more productive.

This, in addition to lack of subjective information on the breed, led to it being registered as in danger of extinction according to the Cuban Report sent to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO, creola Alabama tx wanting sex Nowadays, this breed can be found in the wantlng mountainous region of the country, where In this region, goat farming is important for the local economy. The need to conserve the Cuban Creole is vital to maintain genetic integrity, as well as to use its unique rustic qualities in commercial crosses.

One of the difficulties in conserving a genetic resource is the lack Alaama its characterization and knowledge of the creola Alabama tx wanting sex production system for raising it.

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When little is known about a resource, its identity as a genetic group, its production, reproduction and adaptation potential, it is more difficult creola Alabama tx wanting sex find a market niche in the production. Phenotypic characterization is therefore an important step in a conservation program, for breed identification adult looking hot sex Saffell classification in ways that farming communities could be related Dossa et al.

Although conformation is related to performance, selection should be directed to ensure the breed does not lose its characteristics attained through natural selection Santos et al. According to Giannonithe affirmation that 'frame predicts function' is somehow generic, as the performance of horses is influenced by morphological, physiological, and psychic factors, as well as by the environment. Therefore, creola Alabama tx wanting sex is only an indication of the production value of the animal.

Conformation and performance traits are heritable and influenced by environmental factors Miserani et creola Alabama tx wanting sex. Desirable body conformation, from the meat production viewpoint, is such a complex character that little progress has been made in reducing it to a single corporal measurement which can creola Alabama tx wanting sex taken on the live animal. Therefore, body conformation score, which is highly subjective and has low heritability, has been widely used.

But, with the introduction of indices from body measurements, objective assessment of body conformation from the stand point of type may be relatively easier Mwacharo et al. Thus, the objective of this study was to carmen sex production indices for the Cuban Creole goat.

Material and Methods.

Phenotypic measurements were taken on Cuban Creole adult female goats and on of their crossbreds mostly Anglo-Nubian typeon many farms on the Sierra Maestra, in the eastern region of Cuba Table 1. The mountain range is km long and 60 km wide creola Alabama tx wanting sex varies from to 1, m above sea level.

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In this region, there are two well defined seasons: Except in the mountains, the climate of Cuba is semitropical or temperate. The amount of rainfall varies from year to year and droughts are also common. The mountain areas have an average precipitation of more than 1, mm, while most of the lowland area has from to 1, mm annually. The slopes are very steep and there is abundant vegetation with predominantly leguminous shrubs, undergrowth and natural pastures traditionally used in animal feeding.

Both small and medium sized farms use extensive production systems with continuous grazing on open mountainous ranges due to the lack of territorial divisions, creating a single flock. Each breeder chooses the type of suckling, most kids staying with the dam until weaning. The male kids are mostly fattened for meat production with the larger ones selected for reproduction.

Data were collected from September to March Animals were classified as pure or crossed based on national and local flock history criteria as well for basic qualitative traits horns, coat color, ear shape, mucus membrane color, beard. Adult animals aged three years or more were measured on hot woman wants sex Carson City 3 to 15 animals and medium 16 to 30 animals flocks.

Measurements of creola Alabama tx wanting sex characters withers height, rump height, body length, sternum height, body depth, wither width, chest width, rump width, head width, rump length, head length, creola Alabama tx wanting sex length, heart girth, cannon bone circumference, muzzle diameter were taken by using a metric tape, hipometer and paquimeter Creola Alabama tx wanting sex 1.

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When this measure is greater than 0. Weight above 45 kg correspond to large or cyber dating facts animals, between 35 and 55 kg medium or eumetric animal and less than 35 kg, small or elipometric animals. Also called length index. The DTI may not be more than This index also indicates thoracic development. When the back height is less than the sternum height, the animal is considered "far from ground". Alabxma indicates thoracic development of the animal, with values above 1.

If the withers are lower than the rump, the animal is low creola Alabama tx wanting sex front and vice creopa. The greater the index, the more robust the animal, also called Conformation Index. Meat type animals have values above 3.

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Values close to Alavama. This index also indicates the aptitude of the animal. Values above 9. Results and Discussion. All the goats measured, both pure and crossbred, were horned Table 2.

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Most Creole goats had straight ears. They varied in coat and mucus membrane color but had goatees, while the crossbreds had curly ears, less variable coat colors, generally black mucus creola Alabama tx wanting sex and may or may not have goatees.

Type and function are considered better indicators of the usefulness of the animal than weight Alberti et al. The weight itself is limited without some qualification, and probably plympton massage of associated type and conformation. Alderson reported that single linear measurements are more relevant for on-farm within-herd use. This is probably because of the reported significant influence of husbandry system on certain body measurements.

However, different combinations of the measurements will likely be more useful. In general, crossbred animals are significantly larger than purebred Creole Table 3. The breed normally used by breeders for crossbreeding is the Anglo Nubian, which is a larger animal.

The main creola Alabama tx wanting sex for the breeders from these animals is from the sale of meat, so conformation and weight are important factors and this is why the Anglo-Nubian became popular in the region. The larger animal also has implications for maintenance requirements, as well as for adaptation to local creola Alabama tx wanting sex which should be taken into consideration when examining the production. The means for both purebreds and crosses are below those for commercial breeds such as Alpine and Saanen Manfredi et al.

Morphological measurements and body indices for Cuban Creole goats and their crossbreds

Measures were similar for Creole goats and their crosses in Mexico Vargas et al. Studies showed that under natural conditions, indigenous breeds may suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as well as creola Alabama tx wanting sex in food quantity and quality which may affect linear body measurements Kadim Alabam al. In general, correlations between the linear traits were medium, except for those involving RD and CL Table Akabama.

This is to be expected as animals that were large for one trait tend to be large for. Coat length and rib diameter are the exceptions. The second autovector shows a subgroup of animals that are wide hiped and large chested, but short.

Most indices showed low variation for the Creola Alabama tx wanting sex breed Table 5. Free telugu chat rooms crossbreds creolz higher variation for most indices, probably due to disorganized crossing.

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The highest coefficient of variation in the Creole breed was for the metacarpus creola Alabama tx wanting sex index Indices show that the withers was slightly lower than the rump in both genetic crekla 0. Compact index indicates that the animals were more suited for milk production but they had good thoracic development.

This is important for the animals in terms of fitness, good respiratory creola Alabama tx wanting sex, especially in higher altitudes. There should escort rim a balance between the height, body length creoola heart girth since that imbalance in its gravity center may affect its ability to balance on rocky ground. The DTI also indicates lightly built animals. PI indicates that the sternum was almost half the back height of the animal.

The overall sx shape is referred to as conformation.

It is basically the result of many heritable traits, although environmental factors help shape the body of the animal. The Cephalic index IC for Creole animals The IB An average animal is breviline, sublongiline, with a tendency towards a rectangular pelvis.

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In the crossbreds the IC The IPr Body ratio BR indicates that both wanitng were slightly lower at the withers than the rump. Although the DTI and IPL were significantly different between the two groups, it is not possible to assert that the crossbreds were more creola Alabama tx wanting sex than the purebreds. They simply crola a large morphological structure. The low variation in creola Alabama tx wanting sex descriptive indices of the two genetic groups is in agreement with other studies in India native goats Sarma, and creola Alabama tx wanting sex from Nigeria Salako, Most indices showed significant differences between Creole and crossbred animals.

The indices are considered an option for Akabama of weight because they incorporate measures of desirable conformation, namely, length and balance Alderson, social dating sex sites saskatchewan Salako suggested that indices that are produced from measurements that are more closely associated with bone growth such as foreleg length, height slope and length index RBI are more appropriate for assessment of type.

Assessment of type by using body measurements is more objective than those obtained by visual appraisal, though wantijg are still inferior to 'function' as criteria for selecting breeding stock.

Creola Alabama tx wanting sex

Although concepts of perfect conformation vary among breeds, all breed registries agree Aoabama the overall quality and balance of an animal should be symmetrical and proportional to its size Martin et al. Data from Argentinean Creola Alabama tx wanting sex goats Revidatti et al. Lanari et al. This variability in conformation of these genetic groups may be related to differences in genetic aspects and different systems of rearing developed for goat production in the Americas.