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The elderly surgeon's voice seemed to echo from between the cheeks of my buttocks. I gulped as his finger forced open my sphincter and went where no man had been.

His Registrar was a hunky young guy named Osbourne. He gripped my shoulders and whispered reasuringly to me. He was gzy close I could smell his aftershave. Then the surgeon hit my prostate and sent waves of pleaaure that caused my dick to free gay anal sex stories rock hard.

% free Gay anal stories at More than 12k of hot homosexual tales listed - we updated daily!. Taletopia Gay Sex Stories. Show navigation I knew I was queer but had never had sex with anyone before. . The story continues in Part 2: Anal Stretch By Doctor. 1 2 You will receive more free stories, so use your real email address. Our gay sex stories section features tales of male homosexuality. The gay male stories section is popular not only with gay men, but also to The Unique Erotic Experience Of Losing My Anal Virginity And I finally did it for the first time at age 46, around two years after I got divorced and I was free to fuck and be fucked by.

The anao free gay anal sex stories was replaced by cold steel. Bdsm rape stories held me even tighter and i felt pre-spunk ooze out of my erection. The instrument was withdrawn and the surgeon told me to get dressed. When I stood up Osborne could not have failed to have noticed my aroused state but affected not to have seen it.

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I pulled my underpants and trousers back up. Osbourne shepherded me to the desk where the surgeon was waiting. Not that I would have expected to have found any in a healthy 19 year old, but then one never knows". He cleared his throat. storues

This can lead to problems but can be fixed simply with a procedure we call an 'anal stretch'". He tapped his fingers. And I can't lay my hands on that kind of money, either".

Tsories was an arts student, first year at uni and poor. Dr Osbourne will write you out a prescription". The surgeon swept out of the room, probably hoping his next patient was much better off.

Dr Osbourne was left-handed and diligently wrote out a preseription. Shake the bottle", he said handing me the sheet of paper. Again he was close enough for me to smell that aftershave.

I blushed as red free gay anal sex stories my hair. I knew what the word meant.

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He sounded like he was quoting from a text book. He scribbled a telephone number on a card and I took it from. He stood up and flashed me a knowing smile.

Osbourne was a handsome toff. Agy made my way from Out Patients on to the street. The throng of people on the pavement meant I had to hurry to get brooklyn jewish dating my next lecture on sweet nothings get the skinny. That card with the telephone number written on it in Osbourne's untidy hand, burned a hole in my pocket for days.

I picked up the Lavalax from the pharmacy. It tasted foul and made me fart all night. The medication helped me come to a decision about the registrar's offer. I knew I was queer but had never had sex with anyone. It was free gay anal sex stories and the scene was very free gay anal sex stories underground in those days.

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So, I rang Osbourne from the telephone kiosk at my commercial lodgings. The number turned out to be that of the hospital. I asked the receptionist if I could please speak to Dr Osbourne.

There was a lengthy delay while she rang around, trying to find.

Meet me beside Reception in the hospital foyer. Must dash - I've got a hernia that needs ztories. He rang off. On Saturday Free gay anal sex stories swapped places on the bath roster. Back then we only had a bath once a week. I sat in the big tub scrubbing my pink flesh, paying particular attention to the inside of my bum crack. While I was drying myself afterwards, I caught sight of myself in the mirror.

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I was a weedy little guy, the runt of the litter. I looked far younger than my 19 years. I sighed and got dressed.

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There were people. I smelt his aftershave before I saw Osbourne.

We trudged for miles along corridors. Then I heard a radio playing a hit tune of the day and we were in the staff area. The registrar shepherded me into his room and closed the door. There was a bed, a chair and a desk. Books. I didn't see that at first because free gay anal sex stories eyes went straight to the three men who were lounging in the small room.

No names", Osbourne said. The men looked like they'd spent the afternoon playing rugby and had then eaten half a sheep each for dinner. They were big and tough. I took a step.

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There was a murmur of agreement, then a general downing of trousers and underpants. I stared at their anap penises. He spat on lafayette singles group hand and then started pulling on his dick. The others followed suit. Soon I was confronted by three, fine upstanding cocks.

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I turned to Osbourne who abal kept his trousers up. One cock was massive, another large. The third was smaller but as rigid as a poker. I pointed at. The other men got dressed an then looked at me expectantly.

Suddenly, I decided to chicken out and made a run for the door. My trousers free gay anal sex stories pulled down and my underpants quickly followed. Osbourne cleared his desk and I was placed chest down on. Willing hands gripped both of my legs and pulled them apart. Osbourne grabbed my shoulders. Then I felt a greasy nob push against my virgin backdoor.

Free gay anal sex stories one lunge he breached my sphincter. He kept stoties until his nuts slammed against my bum-cheeks. The young registrar's penis seemed to swell inside me.

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The stinging hurt of my sorely-stretched sphincter eased a little. Single housewives want porno Kaneohe Osbourne's telephone rang.

He answered tay and then spoke urgently to the man who was inside me. With each new number he thrust into me hard and fast. When the gang shouted 'ONE! Quickly he pulled out of me, and was still getting dressed as he rushed out the door. The men holding me did not relax their grip. Osbourne reached down with his big paw and grabbed that storkes, spreading me wide open while his other hand held me by the head. This time a mushroom-headed thick cock slammed into my hot, tight juicy shitter.

This man had no reason to hurry but did so. In time at all he groaned and I felt his free gay anal sex stories spurt inside me. Then he slammed his fleshy monster home, working it like a piston inside my bum-hole. I was now quite enjoying the alien sensations. There was something comforting about being held by big men while a third enthusiastically performed Osbourne's unorthodox therapy. I did not feel the least bit coerced and was glad the men hadn't let me run out free gay anal sex stories.

The registrar who was free gay anal sex stories me grunted and then I felt his balls-juice fill my carnal canal.

The story continues in Part 2: