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Jamaica—home to beautiful beaches, RastafarianismUsain Bolt. That's the stuff everyone seems to know about Jamaica.

What you may not know is that Jamaica is also home to an English-based creole language: So, whether you're in South Beach or South London, we've girl in jamaican up some of our favorite examples of Jamaican slang in the language.

Yuh ready?

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Are you feeling irie? It's a bit hard to translate, but it means something like "nice" or "pleasing.

Talk about superlative. Jamaican Patois isn't just about distinct words. It's also about pronunciation.

That's the case with yout. It can also be negative, though, suggesting a hint of callowness or having a chip on the girl in jamaican. Another example of how the Jamaican accent affects the way words are pronounced—and spelled—is fya.

Although it's far from the only Jamaican word for "weed" …. It featured the chorus: One Aim!

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One Destiny! More generally, o ne love is used around the world to express a desire for peace and equality.

You've definitely heard these two expressions before: These refer to the "mother" or "father" of someone's baby, whether the parents have girl in jamaican active relationship together or not. Jamaicna, did you know that they might come from Jamaican slang?

It was popularized by the song "BMT," by British rapper Fredo, girl in jamaican hip-hop is influenced by grime, a music genre influenced by types of reggae music. Tingfor thing here, again shows Jamaican English at work.

Buying a fancy car, going to a fancy-shmancy restaurant … all big man ting. Wagwan was popularized in London with the arrival of Jamaican immigrants in the —90s, associated with Jamaican girl in jamaican street culture.

Bumboclaat has also been taken as slang for "a Jamaican," in general, which is obviously problematic. Aim for one love and feeling irie instead.

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Menu Dictionary. Everything After Z by Dictionary.

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