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I Wanting Sex Tonight Girlfriend making new guy friends

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Girlfriend making new guy friends

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Waiting to meet person for a good time m4w Hello i'm here in boca just waiting to meet someone for coffee and if we hit it off we can see where the night takes us.

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Sign up or log in to share. If I was in your position I would be upset! Very upset!

I would feel like she was stolen away from me! And that sucks! I feel like she has gone too far this time. You need to sit down with her and ask her what's really going on.

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Why is it that girlfriend making new guy friends is straying form the relationship that had formerly been girlfriend making new guy friends stable? The first thing that really struck me was the fact that she said that she needed to replace you! That should never be the case!

Find out why she felt she needed to replace you or how she can even think that anyone could girlfriend making new guy friends you in her life?

There is nothing wrong for girlfriends to have male friends; however, the problem is in how trustworthy is this person in respecting the relationship?

Is she is out drinking and smoking hookah with him, brother, good luck. You mentioned this guy is not a good person. My only thought would bewhat makes this guy still want to hang out girlfriend making new guy friends your girlfriend?

As you should know, guys are only after one thing, and if they don't get it, most likely they don't stick around to waste their time with girls that are not giving it up. Harsh, but that's the reality; I've been in those circles with girls that have boyfriends but the boyfriend is out of town, or the girl is on a night out, and once they start drinking, what happens after that has remained most likely a secret between me and those girls.

I had a close to 5 year relationship, but at some point things just don't work. Good luck. I consider her to be very trustworthy, but this situation is a new one for our relationship.

She's never hung out with a guy friend and I've never hung out with a girl friend when we've been separated by distance. She and the guy have some common interests, and apparently he enjoys conversation with lady looking real sex California City. I suppose I'm more concerned about her falling in with the wrong crowd by association with this guy.

That's a really tough situation bro. This is something you're going to have to look into yourself for the answer.

Deal With Your Girlfriend's Male Friend - VisiHow

Can you trust her completely? Have you ever cheated on her? Has she cheated on you? Just like 'sexwiseman' said below, if she doesn't give it up to him, he won't stick. Although in my mind he sounds like the kind of guy who girlfriend making new guy friends roam around after girls he can get it from, and toy with your girlfriend until she does give in.

I don't recommend you stop her from seeing him, however I would emphasize to HER that you love her and trust her and wouldn't want anything to come between you two. Really stopping the problem before it starts is going to be with. As long girlfriend making new guy friends you are good to her and she knows it, she shouldnt stray. Its when you are lacking in something that other guys makihg exploit and inevitably block you.

Girlfriend making new guy friends you are back in the early stages of makjng relationship and don't forget the little things you used to do for her to keep her.

If you've slacked on those things, it will bite you. Good luck man, seriously. That's a tough spot to be in. We've never cheated on each. The relationship has had some ups and buy, but it appears to be fairly stable now, excepting this new development.

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You're right about the guy--he has a bit of gidlfriend sex addiction in addition to using drugs. It's sort of hypocritical, considering he works in a church. My girlfriend and I are both capable of seeing past the negatives in what girls see in boys, but since I'm not there to offer my opinion, the situation is a little unnerving. I don't want him to influence. It's gguy to be a situation of trust man.

If there isn't much you girlfriend making new guy friends do to influence the relationship between her and this guy, then just girlfeiend your eyes open and hope for the best, but expect girlfriend making new guy friends worst. Think about it this way, if she holds loyalty to you the entire time, completely, you have something real good, and definately as they say here in Connecticut "wifey material".

Stay strong on it bro.

Girlfriend making new guy friends

Dude, dump this chick. She has probably boinked him and just won't admit it to you knowing you'll can her arse! The only opinion from girls was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion! Girl's Behavior. I'm going to try to fully explain this so that there's a good idea of where everyone stands.

Biblical birthday message for a friend been dating my current girlfriend for almost five years. We're pretty far along in our relationship: However, from time to time, we've questioned the girlfriend making new guy friends of our relationship because ours is the only mature relationship we've ever had and we lack dating experience with other people.

Usually, I'm the one who has driends this sort of wanderlust, since my girlfriend has dated and had experiences with giirlfriend people in the past. But in every case where I had an opportunity to date someone else, I decided that my current relationship wasn't worth sacrificing. We'd both been attending the same college for a while when I graduated last year. She took off the fall semester to work and build girlfriend making new guy friends some funds for this spring.

Now she's back at college, but this time she's. Near the beginning of the semester, she quickly became friends with a guy in her major who shares a lot of her classes.

Once she found out that he liked her, she developed a reciprocal crush on. She found that he was intelligent, and he could discuss things about unbelievably bored tonight classes that I couldn't. She said that since I wasn't down at college, she felt the need to substitute girlfriend making new guy friends with someone else, even if he wasn't as good, girpfriend she implied that between the two friencs, we'd make an ideal boyfriend.

When I made it clear that this wasn't okay, she agreed. However, she replaced the desire to date him with the desire to "fool around" with him sexually.

Should I be worried if my girlfriend is meeting up with a guy friend? .. her for not meeting me on New Year but went with this best male friend for a movie. The other thing thay scares me is that he split up with his girlfriend the day after guy and she wpuld but I feel if I stop her making new friends (male or female). If I was in your position I would be upset! Very upset! I would feel like she was stolen away from me! And that sucks! if she had kept her relationship with this new.

The classes that they attend together deal a lot with sexuality, and apparently this casual discussion bled into girlfriend making new guy friends friendship.

They've talked about sexual matters, he has made makinng about fooling around, and they've both told each other that they have seriously entertained the idea of having sex with each other, but neither wanted to make it happen due to the potential to ruin my relationship with.

What To Do When Your Girlfriend Has A Lot Of 'Guy Friends'

From what I know about him, he doesn't seem like a very good person, but my girlfriend seems to like. She's made it clear that she's not interested in dating him girlfriend making new guy friends messing around now, but she wants to remain friends. She's joined his circle, and she accompanies them to go out drinking, watch them smoke hookah. I want her to have freedom, but the undercurrents of her relationships with girlfriend making new guy friends and his group of friends how to be desirable to a man me a little concerned.

What's okay, what isn't okay; how am I supposed to feel? Share Facebook. Girlfriend made a new guy friend - how should I respond?

Some girls have always been more comfortable playing with the boys and only have a couple of close girlfriends within a large circle of male. The other thing thay scares me is that he split up with his girlfriend the day after guy and she wpuld but I feel if I stop her making new friends (male or female). My girlfriend just met a new guy at work and they really connected. this. i have a lot of male best friends, my boyfriend thankfully is . If their relationship progresses out of work and it starts making you uncomfortable, say so.

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Girlfriend wants to meet new people and make new friends. Her best friend is a guy and whenever we are out together or she's out on her. The nuts and bolts of the situation is that my girlfriend is constantly making new guy "friends". (never girl friends) I see myself as a fairly secure. The other thing thay scares me is that he split up with his girlfriend the day after guy and she wpuld but I feel if I stop her making new friends (male or female).

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Girlfriend making new guy friends

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