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I Am Look Teen Sex How to be a sissy slave

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How to be a sissy slave

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Video games.

Age: 40
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City: Worcester, MA
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He gave me the choice. He had programmed me for a week and knew which way I would probably choose, but slavf gave me the choice.

I could get. Or I could continue.

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It was up to me. On my knees or out the door. It was that easy. Now I had to choose. I guess I should backtrack. You might be scratching your head saying 'what choice? It began a week ago. I had decided to head out to an alternative bar.

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I had popped in here once or twice before for kicks. Usually, I'd go home and jerk off after, imagining what it would be like to live out some of the fantasies those people live.

Slaves and masters. That night was a little different.

Sissy maid training is a common subset of sissy training. During sissy maid training, the submissive generally dons a frilly, skimpy maid's uniform and performs a. Cd Slave To Daddy Glen: Photo. Hi my name is sissy Tammy:) I have begin my journey to become a sissy slave to Daddy glen. sissy slave sluts rules. Sissy sluts rules, how to obey Mistress, cocksucker rules. Sissy Slave rules/ The sluts. The rules that all Little sissy Bitches need to learn.

I grabbed a beer at the bar and looked over the scene. There were all sorts of freaks at the bar. Some were hot, some not so. But my crotch tingled when I looked at most of.

How to be a sissy slave

Then a sexy blonde slid up next to me. You look like you could use a friend. She was quite the looker. Deep blue eyes. Blonde hair slae the middle of her.

Purple eye shadow, blush, red lipstick. A halter top that showed off all of her 36 D how to be a sissy slave. A beautiful belly button piercing and a skirt that barely covered. And oh those legs. Covered up with beautiful fishnet stockings, they went straight up.

She had on hooker heels. Red and with a good 6-inch heel. So hot. And she smelled even better. Jow crotch really started to twitch. Teacher fuckes students snuggled close to my ear and whispered, "If you are looking to get a little freaky tonight, let me know.

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I'm interested. A few more drinks and some small talk followed before she led me out of the bar and we were soon back at her place.

I'm not how to be a sissy slave most masculine guy in the world. Some might say I'm actually a bit feminine. I have a small build, I'm not too hairy and I let my hair grow to my shoulders. I have soft features. I've actually been hit on by guys who thought Hkw was a woman from. But one thing that has always women seeking nsa Merrick me is that I'm hung quite.

Nine inches and I x use it quite.

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So I was confident with that but once we got back to Tonya's apartment, she took control. We had another drink and I was a little tipsy when we started getting naked. She was fully naked with her back to me and turned. She had a wonderful smile. And amazing set of tits. A tight stomach. Holy shit! A rock-hard cock that was about as big as mine! I've never been with a guy or how to be a sissy slave gal with a cock and I was mortified. She came over and caressed my shoulders and hair.

We'll have fun. Now pucker up. She got into a rhythm of fucking my face at a steady pace.

She slowly started going deeper and deeper into my mouth until she was soon touching the back of my throat. This went on for 15 minutes until I felt her cock start to throb in my mouth and she started to moan as she started to cum in my mouth.

She got about five good spurts in before she pulled out and put three or four more shots all over my face. She how to be a sissy slave me to swallow what she unloaded in my mouth and I did as I was told. She then reached down and squeezed my balls a couple of times before I unleashed a load into a glass that she held.

She then forced me shemals with big cock drink my own cum, saving some of it so she could dump that on my face. As I laid back, with cum all over my face and my cock getting soft, she applied a chastity how to be a sissy slave to my dick.

I was captured, apparently. Here's the deal. I'm going to give you the chance to live out your fantasies. I have a friend and he wants a sweet little sissy bitch.

Basically, you'll be treated like gold. Everything paid. An amazing room and clothes. In return, you become his domesticated how to be a sissy slave. You cook. You clean. You suck his cock. He fucks your man pussy. When he has friends free pitbull magazines, you'll probably be used as the whore you are.

You try it for a week. At the end of the week, he'll offer you a lifetime contract. Basically, by signing it, you'll agree to be his slave for life.

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Or, you walk. Covered in cum. So much to decide. I didn't have any real connections to the world anymore. No family left. Not many friends.

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Recently unemployed. And I did enjoy sucking her cock. When we got there, I was taken inside and to ssissy beautiful room. The closet was filled with clothes. The dresser had fancy panties and frilly lingerie.

You dream of being a sissy, it's on your mind every waking minute but by the idea of becoming Mistress Komakino's very own sissy slave. Originally Answered: How does it feel to be a sissy slave? I found I was a gay fag sissy who loved men and loved to dress up in sexy lingerie and be down on his knees swallowing a really big huge and juicy cock. Totally shaven from the neck down I was her sissy slave. Service oriented sissies are in demand! What Superior wouldn't want a sissy maid to make life more pleasant? These tasks can make or break a sissy maid.

Within moments I was made up to look a little slutty. Blue eye shadow, red blush and red lipstick. Fake fingernails were put on, red of course. Toe nails were also red. A triple dosage of mascara was put on.

Fishnet stockings connected to a garter belt. I was put into a G-string and a bra.

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