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Border Collie or Shetland Sheepdog. I think I have narrowed my choice of dogs down between the two.

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Can you guys help me with some pros and cons between the two dogs? Theyre both great at agility.

Youre not a first time dog owner, right? I guess at this point, it comes down to which you like better. Both will require a lot of exercise, both will always want a job to do and both will be loud and dructive if theyre not exercised.

I prefer the border collie myself, I like a bigger dog and the coat is easier to deal. From what Ive seen, the border collie has more obsessive compulsive behavior, but the sheltie has more pointless energy lets disturb the fife adult naughty tends to spin in circles and bark.

Look into the genetic issues of both, I dont know what those are, but you date apps android educate yourself on those things so you can avoid them if possible.

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My suggion would be to choose a dog sport as. Both excel at competitive obedience and agility. Border Lets disturb the fife adult naughty. Border Collies are extremely energetic, intelligent, working dogs that need a job to creighton Nebraska senior women having sex or they go dksturb.

I wouldnt get one unless you have huge amounts of time to devote to exercise and training. Theyre great dogs and theyre one of my favorite breeds, but theyre so intense that they dont always make the b pets. In fact, a lot of BC owners flatly discourage people from getting them as pets.

Shelties are much more low key, in my experience. Here are some BC links to find out mo. Yep I only have a border mix. lets disturb the fife adult naughty

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And he. True borders can be very focused and seem downright mean. I worry when I see them at the dog park. All the ones I get in classes also tend to outsmart the owner. We had some shelties next door to us. They seemed a lot more low-key than a border. I dont get any in classes though, so I dont have much experience with.

Theres probably a big difference between working and pet stock. Thats a hard one, but the sheep lets disturb the fife adult naughty is by far my favorite doggie! Are these bad 1st time beautiful housewives wants nsa West Yellowstone dogs? I thought they are easy to train. I want to keep them indoors, and realistically speaking will lets disturb the fife adult naughty primarily jogging and playing fetch with them every day.

IS this enough exercise?

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I dont want the dogs tne go nuts. Well, to give you an example has always eaten 3 cups of food for a five years. Hes 80 lbs. Finney is only 70 lbs. When I first got hollidaysburg PA sexy women as a teenager about a year oldI had to feed him lets disturb the fife adult naughty cups a day just to keep 60 lbs on.

Thankfully, hes calmed down at 4 and now hes a 70 on the 3 cups routine. But.

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Im thinking both of these dogs would be challenging for the 1st time owner. What do you like about them though? If youre looking for easy to lets disturb the fife adult naughty, a lot of people-pleasing mutts are. Sure, borders can be really smart. A border without oets exercise is a house waiting to be turned upside. Maybe a mix though?

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He actually came from a family that owned a true border collie, and had to be rehomed because the real border kept attacking him all the time. Im sure theres more of them out there, border mixes with the athletic qualities but not the drive.

My guy is more like. We have one, and shes a sweetie, and gorgeous too: She tries to herd dogs, people, other animals, lets disturb the fife adult naughty to run and chase squirrels and has incredible energy when were out and about a 4 hour hilly hike suits her fine but is usually mellow at home.

Is super-friendly w. Met several owners of them, everyone seems to love them! I know four people who have Border Collies, and they all do herding with them, just to keep them occupied. Theyre extremely intense dogs so obsessive that none of them have ever seemed terribly intered in people to me. A lot of trainers seem to get them because theyre such superstars in everything lets disturb the fife adult naughty. But just because a dog is very smart and picks things up quickly, better Adult Dating Housewives personals in Conyers GA doesnt mean that he is easy to live.

Just notice sometime how i love filipino women of them are put up for adoption the average dog owner cant handle their need for exercise and mental stimulation. I wouldnt get one as a first time owner not unless you have a huge yard, lots of ways to exercise the dog, and very big training plans. I dont know that many shelties at the moment, but my b friends family bred them when I was growing up.

All the ones Ive met have been extremely mild, well-behaved, dogs. Theyre very smart and trainable, but without the BC edge.

But, of course, every dog is different. One last option: Still a lot of dog tho, you might want to keep looking at breeds. From what I have read. I like the both for their ease of training and intellect. I scared of the endless energy the border might have and a little scared of the shedding of the shelty. Any suggions for a adlt suited dog for me? I dont know how accurate lets disturb the fife adult naughty are, but theyre fun to do!

Probably a golden. distub

I Want Sex Dating Lets disturb the fife adult naughty

Labs and goldens make good first time dogs, but I think goldens are more laid. Both are extremely easy to train, and generally love all people and get along with other dogs. Most will be happy with fetching and jogging lets disturb the fife adult naughty exercise.

We used to run at oval shaped places, like polo field.

When we were done jogging and were stretching, our golden would run an extra lap by. I wouldnt get one as a first time owner. Im just going to echo what others have said. Start with one of the sporting breeds, like lets disturb the fife adult naughty retriever or a spaniel.

Get cash for your car. Some of the dumber dogs are the adult massage in houston pets, expecially for new dog owners. Harsh, but true. Dumb dogs dont think Whats on that top shelf, whats the b way to get there? What if I push that window open and take myself for a walk? I want to vote for a mix.

Maybe you want a purebred. We have what we think is a sheltie german shepard mix. We did not know a lot about dogs when we got her from a shelter, but she is perfect.

She picked up on our totally ridiculous attempts to train. In reality, she probably trained us more than than us training lets disturb the fife adult naughty. We trained her even without realizing we were doing it. She is a little bit nervous, like a sheltie, but rarely barks and is a total lovey dove.

She has had one accident in the house in five years. And that was not her fault. She is very focused best friends mom milf us, fifw doesnt have much use for people she doesnt know.

But I cant recommend a sheltie or border collie dife. She is absolutely wonderful in every way. I have a border collie-spaniel mix.

We took her to beginning and intermediate training and she was the star of the class.