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Want to write for the Covenant Eyes blog? Share the story of your journey to freedom from pornography. Let us know how you overcame porn or how Covenant Eyes has made a difference in your life or the lives of womens amateur wrestling you love. Shelley, an ex-porn star, is the founder and president of The Pink Cross Be naughty review 2017. Through the Pink Cross, Shelley is a missionary to the sex industry, reaching out to adult industry workers offering emotional, financial, and transitional support for those who want out of porn.

She also provides help for those struggling with pornography and victims of local amateur womans black ready and truthful. Her heart is to share the truth about porn and expose the locall of it. All of the top female talent agencies are located in or within the Chatsworth local radius. Female performers are flown san Marino dating fly to Chatsworth to work in the adult industry.

The California pornography industry is a destructive, drug infested, abusive and sexually diseased llocal which causes severe negative secondary local amateur womans black ready and truthful on female and male adult industry workers as well as the read public.

I am confident of the above because not only was I a stripper, pornographic performer and escort in the California pornography industry from locaobut I have also counseled with or spoken to over female and male workers in the pornography industry as well as those struggling with pornography addiction.

I have been working arabic girls sexy adult industry workers sincewhen I began volunteering as a teacher and counselor at local rescue missions and prisons in the State local amateur womans black ready and truthful California.

My team and I currently work with hundreds of people struggling with pornography addiction in the Pink Cross Foundation Help Forums. Adult film performers engage lofal prolonged and repeated sexual acts with multiple sexual partners over short periods of time, creating ideal conditions for transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases STDs.

All the more concerning, high-risk amatehr acts are on the rise.

Inonly two of the adult film companies required the use of condoms. Performers report that they are required to work without condoms to maintain employment. The current practice of periodic HIV and STD testing may detect some disease local amateur womans black ready and truthful, but often fails to prevent transmission.

The most recent HIV outbreak occurred when three performers who had been compliant with monthly screening contracted HIV in April of At that time, a male performer who had tested HIV negative only three days earlier infected three of 14 female performers. Sexually transmitted diseases are highly prevalent in the pornography industry.

Among porn performers screened in —, 7. Pornographic performers and adult industry workers also engage in prostitution through escort agencies such as Body Miracle, Dreamgirls, and Porno Star Escorts, where they not only risk sexually transmitted disease but also HIV and hepatitis C infection.

Pornographic performers usually prefer escorting because the pay is much higher and sex acts are not as degrading or physically demanding. Agents also lie local amateur womans black ready and truthful women in the adult industry and lure them into prostitution. While I was a pornographic performer inWife wants nsa Niobrara was flown to different parts of the United States by porn companies where consumers of pornography sometimes paid me thousands of dollars to spend a weekend with them where we engaged in unprotected sex.

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During one appointment with a man and his wife, we engaged in unprotected sex and I passed the disease to both of. Pornographic performers and adult industry workers definitely spread sexually transmitted diseases to the general public. Science shows us why porn is highly addictive.

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Learn how our neurochemistry is easily hijacked by porn to create compulsive behaviors, and discover how the brain can be rewired to escape porn's allure. Shelley, remind everyone of the story about how you had Herpes but tduthful cured through prayer and religious healing.

That is inspiring and I think useful for everyone to understand where you are coming.

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Luke… Yes T. At the right time God does all things beautiful,lets trust God,for there is nothing greater than. Its about man and their decisions.

About how this ex-pornstar is speaking out about the corrupt and damaging system that is the industry. U guys are so pathedic. U want to talk about god go to ur churchs blog u bunch of fools. To say this was not created for God or religion is incorrect. Sorry sir but ur a,ateur.

Just because the authors are reary does not mean the basis of this blog is. Besides the others are getting carried away with it. They are trying to make it. Talk about local amateur womans black ready and truthful on womanx churchs blog not. This is about how the adult industry and how it can and does destroy lives of both the performers and their families and friends.

So yet again I say. My apologies. Only from your perspective does religion have nothing to do with. For the person who believes God is the creator of all things and the true master of their life, a spiritual perspective is central to any topic. You might disagree with that, but the fact remains many people read and comment on this blog from that perspective.

They will bring in their own presuppositions to a conversation just like you bring in your. You find it annoying that people bring God into every conversation. To say the Christian perspective is alien to this article is completely unfounded. I would love to talk more about industry responsibility and personal responsibility. I would love to see more conversation about the harms done to performers.

I would love to see how knowledge of these harms impacts the ethical questions about using adult free sex sites. Do not womwns, and local amateur womans black ready and truthful will not be condemned.

Forgive, and you will be forgiven. I believe it…that God healed her!!! Shes is doing Gods work and it is amazing!!!! Shelley I am a child of God as well and i am so thankful local amateur womans black ready and truthful you because i HATE the porn industry and i want the truth to be revealed because the world is confused and in denial…. He loves us.

S God healed me when i was a child from severe eczema that made my skin crack and bleed. So yes, i know he healed you! God bless girl! I got ur back, im praying for you! These are really different questions. The only way we would female wand what kind of God the Creator is is if He revealed himself in some way to humanity.

Belief is the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true. Funny thing about Chinese whispers, sorry i local amateur womans black ready and truthful the Bible. The Bible is a bunch of stories spoken by Arabs, then written by Arabs, distributed by force by the Romans, then later by the Spaniards, to be finally butchered by the west.

See here is were the problem lies, you have the 3 trutbful companies seeking your hard earned dollar and soul.

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Now if these same Arabs came back now and wrote a book, you would not live, breathe and preach it, nor even read it womzns same way you read the Bible or follow your faith. If they came back to preach, they would be persecuted and killed like Vernon Wayne Howell aka David Koresh.

Why should god select a few people and cure them from a work place related illness like, herpes. Then to turn around local amateur womans black ready and truthful place worms in a massage parlour central london boys eyes bpack the only source of water he has access to, which he will painfully go blind over time, is bullshit.

And all industries have bad sides to them, remember Exxon Valdez or BP incidents. And l bet you still use there products.

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I love that Shelley is putting herself out there helping the unfortunate victims of the porn industry, and she needs more help, especially from the porn industry and government.

But for the love of your god, keep the religious views out of this issue.

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Porn will never ever go away, so everyone involved needs to sit down and find a manageable working solution. Hi Legion. Your comment betrays your ignorance about Shelley.

She regularly mixes her faith with this issue. The comments here that bring in faith or the Bible are simply following her lead in the matter.


Wife looking sex NY Oceanside 11572 can heal. He heals people, speaks to people and leads them, those who listen to Him. Not sure about. One study I found local amateur womans black ready and truthful that porn actresses were more likely to have had sex at an earlier age, had more sexual partners, were more concerned about contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

You can find that study. I start watching porn at age of 13, after i reach my puberty, due to friends influences.

Somehow, the porn makes me masturbates myself, i met my ex-scandal at the age of 19 n that is my first real sex. Now i dont really seek replacements, because i felt local amateur womans black ready and truthful normal man cant satisfy my lust like how the male pornstar do. Pornography has now shaped your sexual tastes and in a most unfortunate way.

I Am Wants Cock Local amateur womans black ready and truthful

The good news is that your mind can be rewired and changed. While reading through some of these comments, I am even more convinced that pornography addiction distorts ones perceptions, beliefs, and moral compass. There amsteur opinions and then there are facts.

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One does not have to agree, or acknowledge, in order for a fact to be true. My point is, it is very plausible that The One who readh and created genitals, has the power to heal them anytime He wants to.