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Meet down low guys

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No smoke, No married or seperated, alone only and ready for the Real deal to Begin. Friendly and open minded Intelligent. M4w I'm looking to acquaint myself with someone who likewise fancies (ostensibly) forced congress.

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Sep 27, 5: I'm a DL black man who is into other DL black men Craigslist and sites like A4A haven't been the best for finding guys. I see lots of attractive black men out in public but can never figure out how to talk to any of. Anybody have any general suggestions for places where DL guys hook up? Or maybe meet down low guys to send a potential guy llow signal that I'm gyus

Not trying to racially discriminate, but I'm looking for black guy in particular. Merkodg Posts: Happenis Posts: Meet down low guys 27, I don't know the racial makeup of your area but I remember seeing plenty on grindr back when I was dating. BGC Live is also a good alternative. Good luck!

Destinharbor Posts: Sep 27, 3: Black community needs to find a warrior willing to shift attitudes. It is still tough to be open I'm guessing because such a big percentage of the black population guyx still attached to backward religion meet down low guys false religious leaders.

I Am Wanting Sex Hookers Meet down low guys

Just as with white Republicans, the more attached people are to bullshit religion, the more homophobic they're encouraged to be. Sep 27, 4: Destinharbor said Black community needs to find a warrior willing to shift attitudes.

Here in NY, most llow the black guys that I know are comfortably out of the closet; there doesn't really seem to be too much religious sentiment. Meet down low guys what you say meet down low guys definitely true for much of the southern states. I'm an atheist too but I wouldn't quite knock religions.

meet down low guys If that's what people need to find meaning in life and feel good then more power to. Happenis said Destinharbor said Black community needs to find a warrior willing to shift attitudes. Didn't mean to imply that all parts of the mmeet are equally backward. But not just the south.

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Mid-west, meet down low guys the west coast to an doqn, Remember Prop 8? The very year Obama was elected the majority of California meef voted to deny gays the right to marry based on religion. Fueled by many religions including Baptist, Catholic and Mormon. Religion is a false transference of thinking from the individual to the collective as defined by usually one or two men. And women seeking men kerala, they have power or money agendas.

I do knock anyone who abdicates reason and responsibility to others or at least the collective as defined by the. Which is what religion demands. Look at Roy Moore in Alabama. And not just gay issues-- look at BLM or this bogus flag bullshit. Best cartoon I've seen on that was a picture of Rosa Parks on a bus with the caption "Pretending kneeling for meet down low guys National Anthem is about flag and patriotism escorts near seattle like believing that Rosa Parks meet down low guys protesting public transportation.

The reason why I was hesitant to post this question was because everybody starts getting into the politics of out vs.

meet down low guys Not trying to get bogged down in social commentary or debate, just trying to figure out where to find these guys. Thanks for understanding. Apparition Posts: Sep 28, 4: Posted by a hidden member. Log in to view his profile. Sep 28, 2: Sep lodon escorts, 3: Down Low. Sep 28, 5: Apparition said on another tact. Tack, not tact. It's originally a nautical term related to navigation. Sorry but I hear this mistake all too often, and it's like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

Destinharbor said Remember Prop 8? True that blacks largely voted escorts in little rock arkansas favor of outlawing same mewt marriage, but they've been unfairly blamed gkys the passage of Guts 8. There simply aren't enough blacks in California to swing the vote.

If you look at the spurlockville WV bi horney housewifes returns it ddown clearly the Latino vote that passed the measure outlawing same sex marriage. Counties like San Bernadino, Kern, Riverside, Imperial - all with huge Latino populations - were the meef most strongly in favor of Prop 8.

Once again based on religion. And once again, the very same people who put an X next to Obama's name also put an X in the spot that said meet down low guys outlaw same sex marriage.

So, your basic point is quite meet down low guys.

Ya, I didn't mean to blame blacks for prop 8, just pointing out that the black community needs to be more enlightened about their gay brothers. Same is true in the meft community but it seems to me to a lesser extent. Sep 28, 6: DL guys are in meet down low guys.

The OP is hiding meet down low guys looking for other guys who are hiding. Sep 28, 7: Gguys old-fashioned bars might probably be the best place to look for downlow guys. I imagine that most of the guys there dkwn probably be middle-aged or. Another place you might try would be going to an old-fashioned black church. Most of the guys there will probably be hetro family guys, but some of the single guys in the church might well friends with immediate benefits downlow.

Craigslist is kind of sleazy, but if you post a sincere ad about yourself, you might be able to get a response from some decent downlow guys, probably also middleaged. You could also try the YMCA or gyms, or athletic clubs. I really have no idea where young meet down low guys guys, black, white or yellow, go nowadays to connect with guuys.

I Want Sexy Meeting

Sep 28, The best place to meet DL guys is on a sex app or in jail. DL men generally kendalia-TX lonely housewife gather in public meeting places. Online is the pretty much theonly place where you can meet men anonymously and discreetly. If meet down low guys suspect that a guy is gay then you can give him subtle cues and signs that you're interested.

This is also common in DL culture. The Youtuber Jacob Kohinoor actually made a great video about this a few years ago. If I find it then I'll post it Back in the day, DL men in bug cities used to meet in bathhouses but most bathhouse don't exist anymore.

Offset Posts: May 10, 8: This thread is so sad. It hurts twice as bad because I'm black and gay. Mikegvet Posts: Mar 31, 4: Meet down low guys what you was fun spot on. My world would explode if you ever want to communicate or God forbid meet down low guys sex.

Old guy here, fit nice looking I guess. Would love to hear from others how to come out I feel like I'm on my. God I want to come. Guess it makes me coward. Peek-a-boo to cute, intelligent. Mar 31, 6: Offset said This thread meet down low guys so sad. What's so sad. Apr 01, I didn't create gay bathhouse in vegas thread first of all, so you can't blame me.