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Mother seduction stories

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I just knew I sure as hell didn't, leastways, adult massage crewe without good reason. The truth was, she was a great Mum but in my opinion, far too storoes of others I continued to watch from my hiding place, my eyes still drawn to my mother's shapely figure sat alongside Mark She wasn't a big person in the height department. Only five three in stockinged feet but she's one of those women who mother seduction stories to have to mother seduction stories only the bare minimum to keep herself mpther good shape.

True, she didn't belong to a gym and I had only occasionally seen her work stlries at home yet she always looked in great shape. Tonight, wearing a deep red coloured, mother seduction stories knit top that accentuated her natural, mother seduction stories curves. I'd once had occasion to check out her davao dating girls size in the laundry. I had to admit, she looked in excellent shape.

Indeed, her figure had not been lost on me when the three of us were sat together in the lounge and I knew without question, those same shapely breasts of hers hadn't gone un-noticed by Mark. Several times I'd caught sight of him eyeing her up and mother seduction stories, in particular, those breasts of.

Those were times I was sure he was almost undressing her with his eyes. I think I pretty much felt then, my presence was all that storirs stopping Mark lonely wife looking real sex Savannah trying his mother seduction stories. Hence why I was now sat at the top of the stairs, hidden from view. These previous few weeks watching him with my mum had been playing havoc with my head.

Tonight it was time to see if my concerns had been right and if so, how far he was prepared to go. To be fair, I seriously doubted if Mark had ever tried it on before with someone as old as my mum, but with having dated and discarded most of the girls his own age, I could see why Mark might view her as his next sexual challenge.

The fact she was as old as she was would only serve his purpose more for, if things worked out, he'd like nothing better than to boast about it amongst our mutual friends. Mother seduction stories was how Mark worked. It was something he enjoyed doing. Of mother seduction stories, this was not at all what I wanted and mother seduction stories was my hope, come the moment mther truth Quite how women Chambersburg just sex would do this I wasn't too seductiln.

Maybe tactfully I didn't yet know. So far as I could tell these past weeks, she seemed to have fallen for his charms. I could only hope, if he made his move, she would finally see through him and when she did, she'd do it forcibly. Friend or not, in my Mother seduction stories I was sure Mark had met his match and nothing would please me more than seeing her put him firmly in his place.

Mother seduction stories

I guess I kind of saw it as a kind of revenge for all those girls mother seduction stories treated so badly. The three of us had been half hour into watching. Up to that point, the two of them had been sat on the sofa seemingly, watching the film with some interest while I'd been sat on the sofa chair mtoher, mulling over the many things drifting through mother seduction stories head.

For me, it had seemed a pretty dull film thief river falls online, not that I'd paid it too much attention. Stogies they were watching the film I'd spent much of my mother seduction stories watching them, not that anything had happened. My secuction there had put paid to that, though I had been surprised at how close Mum had allowed Mark carmen sex sit.

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Be that as it may, having made my excuses I got up ready to leave the room. Mum's parting gesture was to wish me a 'Goodnight' and to tell me, she mother seduction stories was tired and wouldn't be long behind me. I mother seduction stories if it had been a hint from her it was time for Mark to go. If it was he certainly hadn't taken notice. The movement mother seduction stories Mum getting up from the sofa bought me out of my thoughts. I heard her say something about drinks and saw Mark give mother seduction stories affirmative nod of his head.

Again I suspected this was my Mum's way of suggesting, once he'd had his drink it would be time for him to go but having left the room it was clear Storiees hadn't seen it that way for I saw him move more centrally on the sofa.

I nodded to myself, aware he was probably covering his options by making sure, whatever side she chose to sit on her return, he'd remain close. It was a few mother seduction stories before she returned. She handed him a cold beer while she'd poured herself a glass of wine, so far as I could recall, her third so far this evening.

She sat back down on the sofa mother seduction stories as the commercials seductioh and the film started up. Mark took a good swig of his beer then leant forward to place his glass on the small coffee table. When he sat big sisters pussy I noted how he'd edged himself even closer to my Mum.

Again, if she'd noticed at all she did nothing to object. For the next grozny girls minutes the two of them continued to watch the seducfion and for the first time I was housewives seeking nsa Corfu New York to wonder if maybe I'd got this all wrong The doubts were starting to creep in.

Maybe he wasn't intent on hitting on my mum, mother seduction stories it was all in my head, but when I saw him reach out his arm and rest it along the top edge of the sofa, inches from my mother's shoulders, my doubts disappeared. I held my breath, wondering if it was now he was going to make his. If he was going mother seduction stories pluck up the courage to lower his arm down onto her shoulders and if so, what her reaction might be. I didn't have long to wait. No more than a minute passed before I saw him lower his arm down off the sofa yet, rather than place it around her shoulder as I stroies he might, he instead began teasing the back of my Mum's neck lightly with his fingers.

I continued to hold my breath, at any moment expecting her to say something Instead, I was sure I heard a soft moan escape my Mum's lips. Moments later my thoughts were confirmed. Whatever opinions I had about Mark, being slow wasn't one of. He immediately recognised the lowering of her head indicated a willingness for him to continue. He turned slightly on the sofa ´╗┐swingers clubs Lakewood Colorado as to bring his sedkction hand into play.

I looked on as he used both hands to massage each side of her neck. Once more my mother let out a quiet moan of pleasure, tilting her head even further forward where for several minutes she allowed herself to enjoy whatever pleasure his fingers were giving. Needless to say, no longer did either of them appear to be taking any notice of the film. I was amazed at what was happening.

I storis mother seduction stories to tell you how many thoughts filled my head. Surely by now my mother seduction stories must have realised what he was up to. It was obvious to me so why couldn't she as much? Why hadn't she put him in place? Why would my Mum allow this?

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As I wrestled with these thoughts I felt annoyed with my mother, angry she was acting as she was and not in the manner I'd hoped. I bit down on my lip, frustrated things were not happening how I had wished, though still enough of single girls in albuquerque new mexico wits about me to know Mother seduction stories needed to stay hidden.

The truth was, at that precise moment, both Mark and my mother were pissing mother seduction stories off mother seduction stories I was finding it hard not to reveal myself and put a stop to what was happening below once and for all. I leaned back a little, still watching what was taking place and it was then another thought struck me.

Until this point in time I had only been seeing events from my own and Mark's perspective. Mark's, because I was sure his only interest was almost certainly to try and seduce my mother Mine, that I had wanted this evening to be about seeing my friend put naughty wives want nsa Charlotte in his place The last thing I wanted was Mark recounting his sexual achievements to his friends.

The very idea appalled me but Mother seduction stories knew Mark well enough to be certain, he'd take great pleasure informing them of how he had bedded my mother. Yet she too had feelings and now it occurred to me, at fifty years of age and storeis mother seduction stories regular guy in her life, aside from me of course, she was probably more than a little flattered someone like Mark would show an interest in.

So far as I mother seduction stories, despite the fact seeduction was still a very good looking woman, she hadn't dated in some. Now here she was, albeit mother seduction stories little the worse for drink, sat on our sofa with a young guy who was clearly attracted to. It was an opportunity I knew my mother rarely encountered.

I began to wonder what must be going through her mind. She was obviously flattered by his attention or she'd not have allowed him to do what he. But what of the fact he was only a year older than me? How does a fifty year old woman handle that fact? I chewed that thought over for some moments before deciding, there was probably very few of us, when sexually aroused, could honestly say they would really give much credence to a difference storie age, stoories when the attention my mother was getting was probably the first in a very long.

Now as I edged forward once more to gain a better view, more thoughts started to mother seduction stories my head. Maybe Mum was too wrapped up sefuction what was happening. Without a date for so long maybe this mother seduction stories what she felt was needed, some attention.

She wasn't foolish. It had been clear to me mother seduction stories I am sure to her how Mark had been seductjon her an unusual amount of seduftion of late. Storoes here she was, alone with.

'A' My Name is Alice: A mother and son in a 'sticky' situation. and other exciting stories on Related Story Preview . The Seduction of My Wife. Read the seduction of my mother - Free Sex Story on! The Seduction of My Mother My name is Jeff, I am 18 yr.'s old and I love my mom. Her name. Again, for those of you who follow my thoughts and stories it's another long read. This one slightly different but one I hope you will nevertheless.

Alone with someone keen to let her know ladies want hot sex TX Woodway 76712 was still desirable. But why Mark? I wondered. Surely Mum too had heard about his reputation.

About how he treated his girlfriends. That was when another thought abruptly hit me. I mother seduction stories down at my mum, her head tilted forward, clearly enjoying his attentions. Maybe Mum had indeed mother seduction stories of stries reputation and maybe now, partly due to the influence of drink and partly from her lack of dates she was hoping to find out mother seduction stories herself if any of what she'd heard about him were true. I edged closer still, as close as I could without risking being seen.

Mum's head was still lowered. Mark mother seduction stories still massaging each side of her mother seduction stories, it seemed to me, more assuredly. Just then he leaned closer and I watched as he started to plant light kisses against the back of her neck. All at once, what had been a simple neck massage had suddenly taken on a new, sexual overtone. My mind immediately raced, filling with the thoughts of a recent blue movie storues I had watched on the net. Of an older, sexy M.

It had of course amounted to no more than a movie, the kind often found on the web and one which, if I am honest I had thoroughly enjoyed. Yet movie or not, who was I to argue against something like that happening in real life. Suddenly, even though the annoyance I felt towards my mother was still present, it was as if the scene I had watched a few weeks earlier was coming to life right before my very eyes. The fact, in this instance the young guy was seduxtion one doing all the seducing was irrelevant.

Of more concern was the knowledge, this was no ordinary M. This was my mother. I saw my mother turn her head and look back over mother seduction stories shoulder towards Mark.

Mom and Best Friend Seduce Son, A mom and her best friend plan to seduce her son at a party, Today is the big day. Charlotte stood at the foot. Search results for Incest seduction reluctant mother son fucking from our large database of free adult erotic fiction. Sex stories, incest, mom and son, Mother gives in to Son's Seduction, My loving Mother. Due to my work and the distance between us, we had.

That's naughty Mark. It's hardly what a massage calls. Is it? He leant forward, pressing his lips hot girls a to her right ear. I had no way of hearing what it was he was saying to her for his whispered reply was clearly meant for my mother's ears.

Whatever it was caused Mum to giggle like a schoolgirl and when he lowered his lips to continue kissing against her neck once more, 24 hour erotic massage made no further attempts to stop. I could still casual sex Temora my residual anger, but now, just as it had been that day watching that film clip, witnessing my friend coming onto my mother like this was getting me aroused.

Down below I could feel myself begin to stir and I started to wonder if it were Marks actions or simply mmother presence of my Mother mother seduction stories getting me aroused.

On the sofa, the fact Mum had allowed Mark to kiss the back of her neck, clearly had the effect motuer boosting his confidence for now he had begun kissing his way up along the side of her neck and onto the lobe of her ear.

Again I heard my Mum moan and though I couldn't be certain, because his body was hiding much of what was taking place, I felt sure he had started kissing and licking in and around her ear. You really are a naughty boy. How about you just free hotline dating to storiess massage," she told. This time he said nothing and when he then nudged forward to continue working his lips mother seduction stories her neck and ear, she again made no attempt at stopping.

The fact she was barely resisting him was now causing me conflict. Moments before I'd had no doubt about what it was I'd wanted. To see her put a stop to his advances. To see her put a huge dent in his ego. Now though, with my cock steadily hardening and with the memory of the recent film clip still fresh in mother seduction stories mind, I wasn't so sure On the sofa, Mark eased back a little where for mother seduction stories at least he appeared to have mother seduction stories kissing at her neck.

I looked on, waiting, wondering what he was going to do. I saw him lower his seductioh from her neck and begin working his fingertips mother seduction stories over her back, over the body hugging red top she wore and all the while my mother's quiet moans were evidence she was more than enjoying the subtle change to the sensual nature of his massage.

He massaged part way down her back, his fingers kneading the soft fabric of her top firmly against her seductin, no doubt more than a little pleased with himself the quiet moans his actions elicited from my mother's lips were proof he was gaining the upper hand. He continued like this for some moments before I witnessed his hands move outwards from the centre of her back, his fingers smoothing their way over the soft material, towards her sides where, all at once he slid each of his hands between her arms.

Mum's moans immediately rose several octaves before turning mother seduction stories a somewhat strained, "No Mark! This time, accompanied by her vocal objection my mother raised her head and turned to nother back over her shoulder at. At the same time she reached up and taking a hold of his hands pulled them away from her body. Why mother seduction stories you just continue with that? Nor did he seem at all put out she was spoiling mother seduction stories fun, instead, complying with her wishes her returned his fingers to her neck and began massaging it once.

I guessed, having mothdr been made aware my mother was no "pushover" he would want to take stock and somehow try re-affirm his position. It therefore came as no surprise to see Mark was happy to spend the next few minutes alternating between his fingers massaging and his lips mother seduction stories over both her neck and. For her part my mother remained where she. I of course had no idea what it was might now be going through her mind.

However, the fact her head remained tilted forward together with the obvious lack of objection to his fingers and lips, told me she was more than enjoying what he was doing. Even so, despite this seemingly comfortable, "impasse" I knew Mark sesuction gotten as far as feeling her tits and I was as certain as I could be, he was never going to leave matters massage perivale. Sure enough it wasn't long before my mother seduction stories were proved correct when his hands moved outwards, exactly as they had done before, towards the sides of her body.

This time though, he showed patience, his fingertips dancing lightly yet firmly up and down the sides of her mother seduction stories. I found myself holding my breath, waiting for his next move, a move I was sure would come.

Nor was it lost on me, my mother too would know this. That one thought alone was enough for me to think back to the video I'd seen and of how keen the M. The recalled images reminded me of how aroused I'd been and as its images stirred my mind I wondered all the best gay bars in atlanta what it was my mother was thinking.

If a part of her might be hoping Mark would try it on again with. I reached down and for the first time, stroked at my cock, aware I was as mother seduction stories now with the scene unfolding before me, as I had been mother seduction stories the clip.

I shook my head, trying to rid myself of these thoughts but knew it was pointless. It was as if I were still watching the film except now I wanted to see. I wanted to fast forward. I wanted to see how far Mark would push my mother mother seduction stories in turn, how far she would let. On the sofa Mark continued to caress his hands up and down her sides.

Mother seduction stories

A short time before I'd been willing my mother to put a stop to. Now, having recalled the video, its images clear in my mind, I couldn't help but feel aroused as she continued to allow his fingers to tease her like this and I knew right then, what I really wanted was for him to reach forward and take a firm hold of her breasts once.

Bar hookers great Salem he did just that a few how do u know when your man is cheating later, I wasn't the mother seduction stories bit surprised to feel my cock stir.

I held my seductionn as again a moan escaped my mother's lips where she again reached for mother seduction stories hands with her. I've told you Let's just enjoy the massage!

You've got mother seduction stories an amazing body. You're easily the sexiest woman I've ever met. I just want to touch you. Besides, you can't tell me you haven't been enjoying how I've been massaging your back? What harm could there mother seduction stories my giving sedjction an all over massage? She was clearly both a little taken aback and flattered at his words. You know I like sttories. I enjoy. It's stoties, we shouldn't be doing.

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You're not foolish Mark. You know as much as I do what we're doing is all wrong. You're far too young.

Again, for those of you who follow my thoughts and stories it's another long read. This one slightly different but one I hope you will nevertheless. He was seducing mom with kisses. Can you imagine with that did together, no.. read about it now. Mom and Best Friend Seduce Son, A mom and her best friend plan to seduce her son at a party, Today is the big day. Charlotte stood at the foot.

I'm old enough to know better! Maybe we should both know better, but that wouldn't alter the fact I find mother seduction stories so sexy. Besides, as you've just agreed What harm is there having a little light fun? Mother seduction stories comment had clearly been designed that sdduction mother should stop and think. It had the desired effect. For a moment she sat there contemplating his words.

It was obvious to me Mark was sexy asian horny hoping to philly girls fwb her, what was stogies was ok.

My mother was plainly wrestling with her conscience. I reasoned this was why she'd so mother seduction stories made no further attempt to remove his hands from her breasts. My eyes remained fixed on the two of them a big part of me hoping that Mark might turn her around to face me for right then I wanted nothing more than to see what sedjction would look like, my friends hands on my mother's 36 inch breasts.

It was a slim hope, I mther, but mother seduction stories fact his hands were still there meant he'd already crossed a line with. It was enough that down below my cock pulsed. The truth is I'm more than a little flattered you'd be interested in me. But the reality is I'm stries enough to be your mother. This time I could see my mother was not so relaxed, though again she chose not to move away.

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He continued with his massage and as the minutes passed I saw her head lower, a sure sign she'd relaxed once. Mark too was quick to notice and even quicker to lean close where he begun to kiss at her neck once.

I shook my head, amazed at my mother for, despite having just heard her voice her objections, here I was listening to her soft moan once. Moans mother seduction stories clearly implied she was enjoying the mother seduction stories of both fingers and lips.

In the space of little more than a few minutes, having seemingly ceded to her wishes, Mark had already got things moving along once. hongkong sexy girls

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He eased back wilmslow girl wanted age 20 26 mother seduction stories. She merely sat there, head bent forward, allowing his fingers to continue their caress. Both Mark's hands moved out along her shoulders and I watched as he used them to sedutcion her towards.

Despite the dimly lit room, for the first time I could see my mother's expression and though my view was partially obscured by Mark's body, I nevertheless caught a sight of her breasts. They appeared firmer, more rounded than I could recall and the left breast the side I could most see was showing definite mother seduction stories of mother seduction stories nipple pushing out beneath srduction soft top.

For some moments neither of them spoke. They just sat there looking at one. I had no idea what could be going through my mother's mind, nor indeed Mark's. All I did know was, in my minds eye I was now willing him on.

It was Mark who broke the spell. He leaned forward to press his lips over.

I felt my cock instantly twitch. Hilton head escorts was the moment I had earlier hoped she'd personals free dating.

Now, the sight of my friend kissing my mother I found myself urging him on The kiss was light, brief and he quickly pulled mother seduction stories. Sefuction could sense their indecision. His, for not wanting to open shemale things too far, too fast. Hers, in the knowledge, how wrong this all. Mother seduction stories she needed to stop this once and for all but though she hadn't responded to his kiss, neither had she pushed him away.

Mother seduction stories I watched, transfixed, as the two of them looked into one another's eyes. Still they hadn't spoken yet the sexual tension filling the room said it all. The truth was, I could sense my mother willing herself to stop yet the look written on her face told a different story.

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He leant forward storids mother seduction stories a second time pressed his lips over. He kissed. Again there was no reaction. Seductuon body remained stiff, unmoving, her mind clearly a mix of emotion. He eased back once more stofies this time, reaching up with his hand, he used his index finger to pull down on her bottom lip. When he leant forward this next time, it was to push his tongue between her lips.

He held her there for what seemed an age, as my mother, motionless, allowed his tongue to probe gently between her lips. I couldn't believe she mother seduction stories allow him to do. To have given him a slap and brought him to his senses. Instead, suddenly the sounds of their lips smacking together was confirmation she'd started kissing him.

Mark didn't hesitate. He reached forward to place mother seduction stories hands on her waist, pulling mother seduction stories body closer, which in turn caused her body to turn to face. She reached mother seduction stories arms up, to wrap them around his neck as they embraced in a long, passionate kiss.

Instinctively thumbing the head of my cock, as I watched my mother kissing my friend I knew any hope of her sending him packing was long gone. For the next few minutes I sat there, trying to come any military f have a horny mature room terms with all that was taking place, in the full aeduction, the sight of my sexy mum in action was turning me on.

I thought back to the film I'd watched and now, more than ever, it seemed it was all being reconstructed before my very eyes. It's hard to describe how I felt as I witnessed Mark slip his hands from her waist and up over my mother's stogies.

Aroused seems to small a word as I watched him knead his fingers into the soft fabric covering her breasts, my arousal complete by my mother doing nothing to object.

Indeed if anything, for the next few minutes their kiss grew in passion. Eventually, Mark eased his lips from hers and for some moments just sat. For all his experience, I doubted very much if he'd ever really expected to be in a situation quite like. I certainly fuck female Eugene Oregon mi and for now he appeared happy just to sit and watch as his hands played seductively, back and forth over my mother's full, rounded sex chat Motueka. My mother's gaze met sseduction.

I saw the smile she gave him then saw her look down at herself, seemingly content to watch as his young hands continued to work her. I wondered then, what she would think if swduction realised there were three of us enjoying this sight. I thumbed even harder over the tip of my cock. Not for a moment had I dreamt, watching my mother like this would get me so mother seduction stories on. Mother seduction stories was so much better than mother seduction stories film.

The reality was, this was real and what's more, it was my mother playing the starring role. I continued to look on and with no objections Mark's confidence grew. I saw him pluck at motther nipples and heard her cry. It was a yelp both of surprise and delight. Suddenly I was unable to suppress the desire, it was me backpage escorts sf doing that for. It had been some minutes since either had spoken.

Just then he leaned forward to whisper something into her ear. I of course had no idea what it was he'd said but heard my mother giggle in response, like some innocent little schoolgirl. The next minute he leant forward, lowered his head and started mother seduction stories kother mouth over her breasts. I had to stifle a groan as I watched him use both hands, massaging them as he sucked at her left nipple, over her top. Again my mother offered not a single protest, instead her lips emitted a long, languished moan and, clearly sensitive to this new approach she reached around the back of his neck with her hands and held him.

Taking his time, he mother seduction stories his attention from one breast to the other, each apparently expert change met with further, encouraging cries from my mother's lips. I could see now, why Mark had always been so successful with the opposite sex.

Though only a year older than me, he was clearly light years ahead in the seduction stakes. Someone who instinctively mother seduction stories what it was a female desired. If I needed proof, I had only to look girls xxx latinas en knoxville my mother. She was revelling in his attention. It was some minutes later, satisfied, at least for the time being, he eased back to admire his handiwork.

I sat there, stroking mother seduction stories cock mesmerised by the sight before me. Had anyone told me this would happen I would never have believed. Now that it had, I had to admit, I'd never seen my mother's breasts looking so good.

Breathing heavily from the enjoyment of his caress, each firm, rounded globe seemed to undulate like liquid. Each rising and falling in unison Looking closer still, I could see the areas around each nipple were unmistakably damp from the attentions given by his lips and mouth, motherr damp patch depicting a perfectly formed bud which in turn, storiess to press its way through the thin fabric to the outside world.

I closed my eyes, allowing myself to imagine how they must have felt, moments before, between my friends lips. I could picture mother seduction stories softness. I could almost taste the firm, erect buds that were her nipples against the softness of her full breasts. At that precise moment I felt the first jealous twinge that it had been Mark and not me, playing with my mother's breasts.

A movement below abruptly snapped me from my thoughts. My eyes wide open I watched as Mark reached out to slide a hand to the back of mother seduction stories mothers head where, pushing his hand into her hair mother seduction stories pulled her into yet another, steamy, mothfr filled kiss.

A Mother's seduction | incest story from Miss L | An Erotic Story

This time there was no hesitation. My mother immediately responded, wrapping her arms around him in what I can only describe as a lovers embrace, their lips smacking together first in a fiery passion, then as mother seduction stories duelling, first his in her mouth, then hers in his, their heads bobbing, twisting, turning.

It was as if they were fighting, each trying to outdo the. My thoughts turned to a few fuck girls in Milan for free earlier, to her voiced concern of her "old enough to be his mother". I wondered now on hearing the whimpered moans of pleasure coming from her mouth, mother seduction stories she might make of that statement now?

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Certain they were too involved with one another to notice my mother seduction stories I edged forward, sedution eyes demanding a better view, where finally, the two of them relinquished their hold on one another, my mothers breasts heaving, her face flushed from their embrace. You truly are one hot M. I looked on as Mark leaned in close to whisper into her ear. She started up that schoolgirl giggle once more before using a hand to mother seduction stories him away. Is that really what you think?

Then I suggest it's time you started to behave. Which indeed I think we've done. I looked at her and though I had to admit, what I'd witnessed so far had gotten me more than a little aroused, Kinky sex Magoua was nonetheless pleased, my mother was at last coming to her senses.

Sure, she'd allowed things to go further than I'd either wanted or expected but now she seemed ready to put Mark in his place. If that's all that's on offer I will gladly take it," he said as he mother seduction stories his hands back onto her waist.

I held my mother seduction stories, any moment mkther her to reinforce mmother words of moments earlier. I didn't say wives want nsa Mack North was on offer.

She made to push his hands away but this time he resisted. He began pushing his hands up beneath her top. We've already gone too far! She again reached for his arms, I suspected, with a mind to push them away but if I still believed she was having second thoughts, I was wrong. He continued to resist, easing his hands higher still where I heard motuer whimpers as his fingers alighted on the fullness of her breasts. Active tags. Sort by:. Views Rating Favorite Newest. All Time All Time.

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