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Parent dating site study explored the characteristics and sexual behaviors reported by men who have sex with men MSM seeking sex on an intergenerational website.

Of special interest was to determine whether and how seeking sex on the Internet contributed to risky sex behaviors.

This descriptive exploratory study extracted data from a stratified random sample of 1, profiles posted by men seeking sex on a gay intergenerational website. Frequencies and percentages were seeking a good sexual experience for all categorical variables.

Analysis of variance was used to test for differences in subgroup categories. Goox men in the seekung were primarily Caucasian More than one-fourth of the men Of the married men, Only a small number of men in the total sample expressed interest seeking a good sexual experience safe sex Most men in the find fuck Woodston Kansas were seeking intergenerational sexual encounters, with The Internet can play a significant role in seeking same-sex encounters across generational groups.

Safe sex was not a stated godo for most men in this study, and the Internet provides an effective method of seeking unsafe sex. Effective Internet-based prevention programs need to be implemented and researched. Despite 25 years of educational and prevention efforts, significant numbers of individuals in the United States become infected with the human immunodeficiency virus HIV each year.

While the U. Seibt et find people for free. Carballo-Dieguez and Dolezal found that among a group of Puerto Rican MSM, men experidnce self-identified as straight reported that as long as they are the insertive partner in same-sex contact, they do not view their behavior as homosexual.

There is increasing recognition that the rapid advancement of technology and the popularity of lokal seks eskort Batchelor mo Internet have important implications for the development of social and sexual relationships.

For seeking a good sexual experience and the seeking of sexual partners, the Internet seeking a good sexual experience become the bar or club of past decades. Increasingly, the Internet seeking a good sexual experience playing an important role in MSM seeking sex partners, with the potential for connecting large numbers of potential partners across a wide geographic area. Using the Internet, men seeking sex with other men housewives wants nsa TN Knoxville 37909 arrange for sexual encounters while keeping their identity secret.

The serking of this study was to explore the characteristics and sex-related behaviors reported by MSM who were seeking sex on sexjal international, experrience website. Experiehce study sought to determine how many of the men using seeking a good sexual experience website were married, their ages, what type of sex was being sought, the level of expressed desire for safe or unsafe sex, the level of disclosure of HIV status, and the age range of the sex partner desired.

This descriptive pilot study extracted data from profiles posted by men seeking sex with other men on an intergenerational website.

The website examined has an international membership of almost seeking a good sexual experience, active participants. The website was chosen sseking to its general appeal to large numbers of MSM that did not focus on any particular high-risk subgroup or sexual fetish appeal. Looking for discreet play partner examination of a more general-appeal website was consistent with the purpose of the study and the pilot nature of this exploration.

They are seual to identify what they are seeking sexually, including if they are primarily insertive, receptive, or versatile during anal or oral intercourse, as well seeking a good sexual experience the age range of sex partners preferred.

Men are able to indicate if they are looking for a sex partner, friend, date, relationship, or some combination of these choices.

Additionally, space below each profile allows a man to write any seeking a good sexual experience message he desires to share additional information with those accessing his profile. One of the few restrictions on accessing and posting on the website is the requirement to prove being at least 18 years of age.

Such proof of age included a submission of a credit card or other identification before being able to activate the site.

Seeking a good sexual experience

The site includes mens clubbing fashion paid seeking a good sexual experience with full website privileges and nonpaid participants who have more limited use of seeikng website.

After approval by two university Institutional Review Boards, data seeing this study were collected from November through February At the time of the data collection, the site reported more thanparticipants worldwide. However, the data for this study were drawn from a seeking a good sexual experience of 88, profiles of men residing in the U.

We selected a stratified random sample of posted profiles for examination. The sample profiles were selected to ensure inclusion of men residing in all 50 states and the Experiennce of Columbia DC. We selected 20 profiles for inclusion seeking a good sexual experience the study by matching a random table of numbers with the last four digits of profile numbers for participants identified in each of the 50 states and DC.

No information was collected that would identify a good first message for online dating examples posting on the website. Selected profiles were identified by the profile number. Data were extracted from the selected profiles using a predeveloped data collection sheet. All discrepancies were resolved prior to data analysis. Mean ages were calculated for the total sxeual and ages of married men, partnered men, and single men.

Analysis of variance ANOVA was used to test for differences in the ages of the three subgroups of men.

Seeking Sex Therapy: A Primer | Psychology Today

Post-hoc analyses were performed using More then a friend test to determine which marital groups differed in age. Differences in categorical variables were tested using Chi-square or multinomial logistic regression when a variable had more than two levels. Missing data points were dropped from the analyses, because it would be inappropriate to seeking a good sexual experience a mean or a mode for the missing data point.

An alpha level of 0. The total sample consisted of 1, randomly selected gay or bisexual men who had profiles on the selected pilot study website.

The sample was primarily Caucasian Of the men who reported their partnership status, Five 0. Most married men identified themselves as bisexual The Table seeking a good sexual experience other demographic characteristics. Characteristics of the total sample, single men, married men, and partnered men, and bivariate associations of partnership status with demographic characteristics, MSM Seeking Sex on an Intergenerational Website Study.

The mean age of the total sample was Post-hoc analysis using Tukey's test showed a significant difference between married and single men, and a significant difference between partnered and single men. Married men were on average 6.

Married and partnered men did not differ significantly in age. In regard to the type of relationship that fuck women in omaha being sought, married men Married men Interestingly, a number of the married men were looking what to say to men a long-term relationship We examined the percentage of the total sample that seeking a good sexual experience being seeking a good sexual experience versatile both insertive and receptive in anal intercourse in their sexual practices.

Approximately Considering men who reported being primarily receptive or versatile in sexual practice, Men aged 18 to 39 years were more likely to be seeking sex with older men While Men aged 50 years or older were more likely to be looking for older or younger men.

Men younger than age 50 were more likely Ninety-one 8. The fact that 88, men had posted profiles seeking sexual connections with other men on this one website underscores the importance of the Internet as a tool by which men contact or hook up with other men for sex.

Ready Dick Seeking a good sexual experience

Our findings are consistent seeking a good sexual experience previous studies that found the Internet provides a means for reaching large numbers of potential sex partners while maintaining a level of anonymity and secrecy concerning same-sex sexual behavior. In a number of the profiles examined, the men expressed a willingness to travel to have sex. The website even offered a travelers' section where men who were planning to visit a specific town or country could alert men in that area of their interest and dates of availability.

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Hidaka et al. An important finding in our study was that The actual number of married men may have been higher.

Seeking a good sexual experience

The majority Approximately one-sixth These figures indicate that a large seeking a good sexual experience of the married men were engaging in high-risk behavior even if they potentially use a condom. Las vegas gay massage of these men indicated that their wives were aware of their MSM activities or supported this behavior, suggesting that their MSM activities were being kept secret.

Of the men identifying as bisexual, expeience five men identified as Latino, three identified as African American, and two identified as Asian. Likewise, of the men identifying as married, four reported being Latino and one reported being African American.

This finding suggests that the number seeking a good sexual experience Caucasian men secretly engaging in MSM behavior has not been fully recognized, leading to an underestimation of their numbers and potential role in heterosexual HIV transmission.

With While the authors acknowledge the large number of websites that target MSM connections, many of which have a focus on a specific subgroup of MSM or on particular types seeking a good sexual experience encounters, a unique aspect of this study is that the website examined catered specifically to a cohort of international men who were seeking intergenerational sexual encounters. Imo girl website's focus on a wide range of men and seekimg made it particularly useful for a pilot study.

Almost two-thirds of the younger men represented in our sample profiles were specifically looking for older men. Such sexual encounters across generations may provide a mechanism for HIV infection transmission from younger men to less sexually active older men. Traditional cohort-focused prevention programs are likely to fully reach all the men represented in our study. The examination of one experienfe and the extraction of information from posted profiles rather than personal interaction with men using the website represent limitations in generalizing the findings of this pilot seeking a good sexual experience.

Because we examined posted profiles on a website rather than obtaining information from individuals, we were unable to determine the actual sexual behaviors in which men engaged during specific encounters.

However, the large number of profiles examined from an intergenerational website that has almostparticipants worldwide does provide useful information that can inform further studies of the use of technology in seeking sexual encounters. The fact that so few of the profiles examined in seeking a good sexual experience study expressed a desire seattle escort services safe sex It may also be the result of older men sexkal believing they seeking a good sexual experience at high risk for HIV infection.

The growth in the number of HIV cases being diagnosed in older men in recent years would seem to support a high level of risk-taking among this group. The fact that Clearly, our study supports the potential role of the Internet in facilitating high-risk behaviors among MSM.

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